Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Edu Hawkins Music Photography

Just a couple of months ago whilst enjoying a fantastic week off at New Orleans annual Jazz Feast, I had the pleasure of bumping into Edu Hawkins, an old friend and photographer. Edu though inevitably enjoying all that the festival had to offer was in fact there photographing for the Independent Newspaper, London.

The festival if you haven't had the opportunity to experience it is second to none, a cultural extravaganza. Boasting some of the worlds most beloved musicians and so much great food that you will undoubtedly leave a few pounds heavier!

When looking through Edu's photographs I was taken by his fantastic ability to capture not just a moment but the atmosphere present within an environment. In fact whilst Edu was stood a the feet of the King of Blues him self (BB King, image seen above), I watched their interaction, with slight jealousy, from the tips of my toes at the back of a very crowded blues tent.

Since returning Edu has been featured in BBC oxfords 'People and Places' where a collection of his images from the festival plus a selection of others, are being displayed. Images include such iconic musicians as Jarvis Cocker, Jack White and BB King. BBC Oxford - Ed Hawkins

Have a look at more of Edu images at

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