Friday, August 6, 2010

Brett Amory, Waiting

Below is a collection of images that I recently received from artist Brett Amory, all featuring his most recent ‘enlarged’ waiting series. At the end of June Brett had is first solo show in LA and whilst there he was given the opportunity to paint a life size figure directly onto the gallery wall. Enjoying the scale changed and the manner in which it had affected his characters Brett Embarked on a completely new vein of Larger than life figures, painted on to rough cuts of butcher paper.

Being heavily influenced by street culture this recent development couldn’t be bettered tailored to Brett’s stream of thought. Following a private viewing of the paintings at Heist Gallery, Brett took to the streets placing his ‘waiting’ characters back into the very environments from which he had extracted them years previously. The work now sits in the very locations where it was born, reengaging with those who have inspired an ever-expanding body of work.

If once they were waiting now perhaps they have become engrained, that is at least for a moment until the elements reclaim the paintings leaving only a faint trace of what was formerly there.

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