Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jon Moran, Kingsley Elliott Graphic Designer

With the launch of our new web site you might find your self asking who was the creative brain behind the Kingsley Elliott Branding and graphic design, well your answer would be Jon Moran. Having graduated from RISD with Jon in 2008 we both moved to the city as eager as the next ‘New York New Comer’ to find our footing and come to grips with the ‘Big Apple’ thankfully we both seem to come up smiling.

Through 2009 Jon work for Lilo Studio based in on 26th St. in Chelsea, whilst there he worked for a selection of large name clients including Bravo, Leake and Andersson and The Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF). Jon also acts as a freelance graphic designer offering us the opportunity to acquire his expertise to design the Kingsley Elliott web site. Our main goal with the web site was to build something that would functions seamlessly and through intuition, whilst also being fresh and edgy.

Jon continues to work in the city as well as with Kingsley Elliott as a graphic consultant. Please fell free to contact him with questions or enquiries about potential freelance work

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